1. Apply for your free trial

Fill in the form to apply for your free trial, you'll receive an email straight away asking you to confirm your email address. Click the link in the email then we'll complete your account set up.


2. Log in to inbro Publisher

Your confirmation email will include a login link for inbro Publisher. Click the link, and you'll be logged in automatically. Remember to make a note of your username and password.


3. Create a new inbro and upload a PDF

Just click the 'New inbro' button, give it a name, and on the next screen upload the PDF. (There are plenty more settings, you can set them any time). We'll email you when your inbro is ready.


4. Add links to your site

When your new inbro is ready, you'll find links for inbro SeeInside and inbro Select on the dashboard. You can add these links anywhere on your website to integrate inbro quickly, and for testing too.