Service Level Agreement

This document describes the inbro Service and the Service level agreed between inbro Ltd and You its client.

Document version : 3.3, 2nd February 2008

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Service Fee
the fee agreed between Us and You Our client for provision of the inbro Service to the client.

the organisation or individual using the inbro Service to supply electronic documents to their Users.

the complete document, supplied to Us by You in PDF format, along with associated chapter structure and supporting information, that You require to make available to your Users via the inbro Service.

a single instance of a Masterdocument being implemented by Us to enable orders. Each inbro is allocated to one, and one only, inbro Account.

inbro Account
a collection of one or more inbros, and a login password to the inbro Reporting System enabling access to reporting and maintenance functions for that collection, encompassing the Masterdocuments You wish to make available via the inbro Service for a single trading style or trading name.

inbro Button
a push Button or link encoded onto web pages where You desire to make an inbro available to Users. We will define certain elements of the Button encoding required for the Service to function correctly. Other issues (such as placement and visual appearance) are defined by You.

inbro Popup Window
a web browser window, displaying the Masterdocument’s chapter structure, instructions and data entry boxes, created by the inbro Service and displayed on the User’s screen when the User clicks an inbro Button

inbro Reporting System
the collection of reports, functionality and informational pages made available to You by Us, via the internet, enabling You to access Order details, inbro Account details and set up instructions, and to perform various inbro and inbro Account maintenance functions

inbro Service
the collection of technology, know how and functionality that combine to implement the Service described herein

inbro Server
the computer(s), connected to the internet, that host the various components of the inbro Service functionality, and on which and from which the inbro Service is executed.

inbro Set Up
the process of creating an inbro from a Masterdocument

a single instance of a User specifying their preferences for document customisation, email address for document despatch, and other relevant data, and requesting that the specified document be despatched via internet email to the supplied email address.

Portable Document Format as specified by Adobe Systems Inc, more details on Adobe’s web site at

inbro Ltd, the owners and suppliers of the inbro Service, or as the context may allow, any undisclosed agent of the same

An individual, usually identified by name and email address, who may create one or more Orders

Working Day
Monday to Friday 0900 to 1700 UK (GMT/BST) time, excluding UK Bank Holidays.

inbro Service Description

The inbro Service enables You to offer brochures and other documents to web site visitors, and others, on screen and for delivery via internet email and associated technologies.

Upon receipt of the Masterdocument We will perform the inbro Set Up and issue You with a unique identifier code and instructions to implement inbro services on Your web site or other web sites as You see fit.

If a User clicks on an inbro SeeInside link, the inbro Service presents an image of the content of the Masterdocument in the User's web browser. The User may read and browse the content of the Masterdocument on screen using the navigation, zoom, search and other options provided.

The User may request an email copy of the Masterdocument by clicking on an appropriate link.

A User indicates a desire to create an Order by clicking on the inbro Button in the User’s web browser.

This action causes the inbro Service to create an inbro Popup Window on the User’s screen, inviting the User to make their selection of chapters from the Masterdocument for their Order.

The User makes their selection of chapters from the Masterdocument by clicking relevant boxes, enters the delivery email address and optionally additional information such as name, postal address etc, then confirms the Order by clicking a Button on the inbro popup window.

The details of the Order are recorded on the inbro Server.

Software on the inbro Server then despatches, as an attachment to an internet email addressed to the email address supplied by the User, a PDF file as specified by the Order. In most cases this is a subset of the Masterdocument. In addition this email may have extra content specified by You.

The Order details are retained on the inbro Server and made available to You via the inbro Reporting System.

Some inbro emails are returned to the inbro Server marked as undeliverable to the User. The most common reasons for this are that either the User's email box is full (ie disk quota exceeded), or the data size of the email is larger than a fixed limit of the User's system. The inbro Service regularly checks for such returned undeliverable emails and, when received, attempts to identify the Order in question.

When such an Order is identified, the inbro Service will send the User a short text email containing a link to a PDF file, as specified by the Order, located on the inbro Server. Clicking the link will give the User access to the PDF file. If the PDF file is not immediately available it will be recreated at that time.

inbro Service Level Agreement

We agree to supply the inbro Service to the following Service level:

Service Availability

Our aim is for the inbro Server to be available for the recording and processing of Orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each day of the year.

From time to time the inbro Server may be unavailable, or unable to record and process Orders, for reasons within Our control (ie scheduled maintenance) or beyond Our control (eg unscheduled maintenance, hardware failure, malicious attack).

Scheduled unavailability for maintenance will be a maximum of 3 consecutive hours with a notice period of 48 hours. We will not schedule more than 1 such session per week.

During periods of scheduled unavailability, and if possible to do so, the inbro Server will display an approprite message to Users if an attempt is made to use the inbro Service.

We will take whatever steps We believe reasonable to avoid unavailability for reasons beyond Our control, including locating the inbro Server in a secure data centre with high capacity internet connections, and contracting for continuous monitoring and support with Our chosen supplier for these services, but We do not guarantee such unavailability will not occur.

For every calendar day (00:00 – 23:59 hrs GMT) for which the Service is unavailable for these reasons for a total duration of more than 120 minutes We will refund (or credit against any due payments) to You a sum of 1/30th part of Your monthly service fee.

Backups - Schedule and Order Data Availability

Once in every 24 hour period We will take a back up from the inbro Server of all Order data, and remove the backup to a separate physical location from the inbro Server.

In the event of a partial or complete restore from backup of Order data becoming necessary, We will do so within one working day of the necessity becoming apparent to Us, from the most recent valid backup available.

The inbro Reporting System enables clients to download Order data from the inbro Server at any time of Your choosing and thereby to save a copy at a location of Your choosing. Clients who attach commercial value to their Order data are advised to ensure this is performed regularly.

We do not guarantee availability of historic Order data. We disclaim any liability for any monetary value You may attach to Order data or for that data's lack of availability from the inbro Reporting System.

We will provide access to Order data for 12 months from Order date.

inbro Set Up

Upon receipt of a Masterdocument, We will complete the inbro set up process and, notify You of completion, within 4 Working Days, to a maximum throughput of 4 inbro set ups per Working Day.

Technical Support - Acknowledgment and Actions Taken

You may request technical support at any time by telephone or email. We will publish telephone numbers and email addresses for this purpose.

During a working day, We will acknowledge, by telephone or email, Your request within 15 minutes of receipt.

Outside of the working day We will acknowledge Your request, at the latest, within 15 minutes of commencement of the next working day.

Upon acknowledgement We will immediately assess the request and its effect on the inbro Service and take action based on the result of Our assessment according to the following table:

Issue Assessment Action We Take
Issue compromises the current or future availability or functioning of the inbro Service. Immediately commence action to correct the issue, continue until issue is resolved. Keep You informed of progress and when corrective action is completed.
Issue affects the current or future availability or functioning of the inbro Service, but has no immediate discernable effect to Users or clients. Commence action to correct the issue within 2 Working Days, continue until issue is resolved. Keep You informed of progress and when corrective action is completed.
Issue has negligible effect on the current or future effectiveness or availability of the inbro Service, to the extent that clients or Users would generally be unaware of the issue. Issue will be scheduled for resolution in the next maintenance upgrade of the inbro Service. You will be informed of this decision and notified when the upgrade is completed.
Issue has no effect on the current or future effectiveness or availability of the inbro Service. No further action taken, You will be informed accordingly.

Order despatch times

Our aim is to despatch all emails created in response to an Order within 3 minutes of the Order being submitted by the User.

If the time taken to despatch the email exceeds 15 minutes from the time the Order is submitted and the reason for delay in despatch is not caused by factors outside of Our control, the Order will not be charged against the quantity of Orders purchased or charged to You.